In early 2015 guitarist Darren Potts was looking to put together a heavy rock band. After bringing in drummer Danny Wilder and bassist Fingers from previous projects, Darren was actually looking for a vocalist when he was introduced to Steve Clark, a fellow guitarist. After hitting it off with Steve, the band members decided to make this new project a two guitar setup.   
Darren's original idea had been to reform a previous project but with a couple of new members and fresh ideas it was decided that this would be something entirely new. 
Band names were  thrown around until Steve had an idea and so Sussex based rock band Lost Asylum was born!  After gigging with a variety of vocalists the search for a regular frontman that could truly fit with the Asylum's image, continued until Steve met and recruited frontman/screamer Ryan O'Donovan at an open mic in Brighton in early 2019. 
                                                                                                                                                                                                        Ryan O'Donovan had been affiliated with Brighton's learning disabled community due to his being on the autistic spectrum, playing in various acts under the umbrella of the charity 'carousel'. 

With the line up now complete, a heavy hitting rhythm section, powerful guitars, Ryan's soaring vocals and showmanship, Lost Asylum are ready to hit the stage. Hard!         

Steve's biography  

 "I was born in 1846, the son of a Russian camel trader. After a largely uneventful life only partly responsible for several people’s revolutions, I snuck into the UK under the fake ID of Snack Zyder. Unfortunately, I was immediately thrown out so thought I’d try again with the pseudonym of ‘Steve Clark’

I picked up my first guitar at the grand old age of 140, unfortunately, I put it straight back down again. Eventually, I decided to try the guitar again after I discovered that my enthusiasm for Mongolian kazoo symphonies wasn’t matched by the general public.

After I had been in several other bands, normally accompanied by a band member saying ‘Who the f#@k are you?’, I somehow managed to convince Daz that I belonged there and hadn’t simply mistaken the rehearsal room for a food bank. And so the rest is history. I have a penchant for stripy guitars and REVV amps"

Favourite quote "I'm always telling the truth… Honest!"

With thanks to Adam Locker photography

With thanks to Megan Pennicard photography

Ryan's biography

“I've been singing and playing guitar since I was 15. I have played in numerous rock and metal acts across the years.

Influences range across a wide spectrum of genres employing guitar playing, though mostly rock, metal and grunge covering all eras. Some of my favourites are Alter Bridge, Fightstar, Fozzy, Nickelback, Puddle of Mudd, Queen, AC/DC, Slipknot, Iron Maiden and Slayer".

 Favourite quote "Steve is full of S#@t"


Fingers' biography

Music has always been in my heart, but first picked up a bass in my teens.

I use Schecter basses with MXR and BOSS pedals, with Orange amplification.

Too many favourites and influences to keep this brief....

Favourite quote "What s**te has Steve come out with now?"

With thanks to Megan Pennicard photography

With thanks to Megan Pennicard photography

Daz's biography

 "I have been playing since my mid teens and have played in a couple of bands I have formed. 

 I play Jackson and Gibson guitars and use Randall amplification and a range of pedals. 

Influences  from '80s' hair bands through to nu rock. My favourites include Zakk Wylde ,Slash and Dj Ashba".

Favourite quote "Steve is SO full of S#@t"

Danny's biography

"I have played in many bands over the years and have toured Europe. 

I use Ludwig drums and paste cymbals.

Influences range from punk through to rock and heavy metal. 

Favourite quote "Steve is definitely  full of S#@t"