Lost Asylum

Hard rock band

Lost Asylum is a hard rock 5 piece from West Sussex ,England. Formed in 2015 by guitarist Darren Potts, The band bring high energy performance's with soaring vocals, Hard hitting powerful guitars, Solid pounding rhythm's and hypnotic song writing.

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Live Photograph

Live Photograph

Live Photograph

Press / Reviews

"Dysfunctional Me" Single Lost Asylum are ready to blow the doors off the Rock world with their latest single. ” - From the depths Entertainment

From the depths music

heavy guitars and reminded a bit of the alternative U.S. scene of the early 90's. "In My Sights" has more attitude ” - Heavy Paradise


" Lost Asylum are ready to be discovered"” - Emerging rock bands

Emerging rock bands

All four songs are bass guitar driven, are really heavy and have a 'ear worm' quality that sticks in your head for days.” - Graeme Wright

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